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wtf 149 why the heck y’all still following this account
/waves at menacingly with broom

shoo, shoo

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Please unfollow this account.
I will not be coming back to RP here.

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[[ thinking of just throwing everything to the wind. Let’s face it, I’m never gonna be able to go back to that plot I wanted to explore. SO.

I will either be picking this blog back up for silly RPing, or change to a different character. Not necessarily because I can’t RP Cor, but because it would be difficult to keep her both here and in PP. I mean, it’s kinda frustrating that she has a story, a really good one, that I can’t tell due to my own inability, and instead have to settle with doing an AU setting, but… I guess that’s just how life is. So yea, I’ll decide sometime soon hopefully. ]]

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What does the ‘R’ stand for?

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[[ This should be here too. Cor/Gordon otp 2k13/7 ]]

[[ gdi ]]

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Hello PP’ers!

Liked the Celebration Cup-Tournament last year? Then this is your event!

Check out the link for how to join and what the Backstreet tournament will be like!The dead-line for the entry is 22nd July! Gogogo!

(Self-explanatory, the tournament is only open to members of Pokeplatform. Wanna join the group? Here’s how to.)

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